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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Dhekelia station Works

Please note the following works that will continue beyond the Easter Break with dates
1. WC940031 CDS-016 (DH1004) Snake Road: Road Repairs/ Resurfacing Phases 3
Due to unforeseen soft spots and additional reconstruction of concrete culverts has meant that there will be delays, due to concrete curing and setting times. Anticipated completion and re-opening 19th April 2017.
2. WC503717 005GN-03 (DH1043) Normandy Rd Bridge: Remove Existing Railing Provide New
Due late deliveries of materials from abroad, the bridge will not be able open until the traffic lights system has been installed. Particularly now that the road has been narrowed to one lane crossing at a time. Anticipated completion 21st April 2017.
3. WC1002853 029GN-05 - Normandy Road - Perth Village - Construct Car Park 3 (Works Only)
Car park no 3 is scheduled to restart on the 19th April 2017 and anticipated completion by 26th May 2017.
4. WC944066 Car park Normandy road No 1
Due to additional works with railings and concrete upstands / edgings. Anticipated completion 28th April 2017.
5. WC917119 024GN-05 (DHK) Perth Village MQs: Replace Clay Tiles on Pitched Roofs
2 & 4 Normandy Road will be completed by 13th April 2017
6. WC1071722 10-ASB (DHK) SFAs: Asbestos Removal & Reinstatement Phase 2A
Scaffolding to the last houses 18-24 Normandy Road will be removed by 13th April 2017.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Good Grub Club

The Good Grub Club will be held in the Health once a month, on a Thursday at 10 am. The next date is yet to be confirmed and everyone is welcome.

Please click the link below to take you to the SSAFA website where you can also click on the link to take you to The Health Zone Facebook page.

Please click here 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The use of Privately Owned Swimming Pools within SFA

The use of Privately Owned Swimming Pools within SFA:

In order to comply with BFC Policy in order to use a privately owned swimming pool, all occupants MUST:

1.    Register the pool with HCSO Department.

2.    All privately owned pools must be fill using the approved contractor. Those caught using mains water to fill will have disciplinary action taken against them.  Currently the only contractor for Station is Z & K Estate & Tourism Ltd, (contact details 99419920 or 99648113 (Mr Ioannis Zeniou).

3.    When the Pool is filled a receipt will be given by the contractor and a copy must be handed into the HCSO office as proof of filling.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Imail INtouch for Deployed Personnel


Following the cessation of E-bluey on 31 Mar 17, the imail INtouch has been introduced which is a hybrid mail communications solution for personnel deployed on overseas operations. Imail INtouch provides a means of communications for deployed personnel without access to return mail, through BFPO, to enable communication with friends and family who do not have access to email.  More details are on this INtouch hybrid mail for deployed personnel link.

BFPO Post Office Notice

Changes to chip and pin withdrawals from BFPO Post Offices
From the 1 May 2017 the maximum monthly withdrawal from BFPO Post Offices will be limited to £1000 per month per entitled customer.    
From 1 May, there will be changes to the amounts Foreign Post Office (FPO) customers can withdraw using the chip and pin facility.
What does this mean?
If you are an entitled user of FPO services, from 1 May you will be able to withdraw no more than £250.00 per day, with a maximum withdrawal limit of £1,000 per month.

Waterworld Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Waterworld

 Their opening date is set for the 10th of April.

Entrance prices are as follows:

     Adult (over 12 years) 38 Euros
     Child (3 - 12 years) 24 Euros 

Their offers are:

1.       Special Discounted Entrance Price: 5 euros discount per ticket. (with military ID)

2.       Season Ticket Prices (NB. These prices are the same as the general public prices.)

a.       Full Year Season Ticket valid for the summer season (April to October)
   125 euros for adults
   100 euros for children

b.      Half Season Ticket valid either for April-July OR August-October
  75 euros for adults
   60 euros for children

If you would like a chance to win tickets click HERE for more details.

Monday, 3 April 2017