Monday, 27 February 2017

CAAS Banding Letters


The majority of the new CAAS banding letters, detailing the new charges for SFA have been received and delivered to the occupants concerned.

We are currently waiting for the confirmed letters for Byron Heights and specific SFA’s within Blenheim Village – as soon as these are received this office will send them onto the occupants concerned.

Please be aware that the new CAAS banding will take effect from the 1 April 2017.

Monday, 20 February 2017

DIO Maintenance

Due to essential maintenance by DIO, the following areas of Dhk Station and the surrounding area will have work carried out from 28 Feb – 31 Mar 17:
1. Snake road will be closed from Richmond Village Junction to the West roundabout. The only access will be from the West roundabout to the ranges for military personnel only.
2. Normandy Road Bridge will be OOB due to upgrades.
3. EKO fuel station will be closed due to essential tank and pump replacement works.

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