Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Monday, 5 December 2016

Exercise Touch Pass

Please see below a message from the Station Commander regarding exercise touch pass.

Good morning,

As you will be well aware, the Station carried out a touch pass exercise over the weekend. This was conducted to ensure that all pass holders were in possession of an original and valid pass, but the main reason behind this was to step up the stations vigilance to ensure that WE can go about our business within the Station knowing that we are safe. The SFP do an amazing job at ensuring we can sleep safely in our beds, however, it needs all of us to be responsible and ensure that our security awareness is heightened and that we as a collective fully understand the importance of the possible threat to the Station.

I was saddened to be informed this morning by the SFP shift Commander that 3 individuals (teachers) have photocopied passes and 2 soldiers had ID cards that had expired. This is not acceptable. I have the names and I will be dealing with their individual chain of command this morning. As a warning to all, if you do not have the original pass or the pass is in any way shape or form suspicious you will not be allowed on Station until you can provide the correct pass which belongs to you. I will not tolerate this lack of respect for security and if you are caught a second time you will be given a RED pass which means you will need to be escorted.

I ask for your patience and tolerance but most of all your complete respect for security, not just on the station but wherever you may go around the island.  


Tony Donohue